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Past events

The role of nutrition in healthy aging

6th Annual Belgian Nutrition Society Congress. April 15th, 2016. National Library of Brussels. final program here Proceedings

Maecenas sponsor for 2016




Summer workshop: Diet and physical activity in research studies September 14-16 2015. Leuven more info

12th European Nutrition conference FENS 2015 Nutrition and health through the life-cycle- Science for the European consumer-

Berlin october 20-23 deadline for Abstracts April 1st; more info 

Phd Students with an active participation at the BNS congress (i.e oral presentations) can benefit from a financial support of BNS. BNS can refund half of the early bird registration fee at a maximum of 135€ per person. If you like to benefit from this support, please write a motivation letter to the secretary of the BNS Kristin.Verbeke -  at  -- med.kuleuven.be 


40th Animal Nutrition Research Forum (ANR Forum): "A platform to present animal nutrition research in the Low Countries"

Merelbeke Belgium Friday May 22, 2015 Deadline for abstracts is April 22. More information here

BNS Fifth Annual Congress. 3rd of April 2015. "Adding value to nutrition research".

Brussels, National Library FINAL PROGRAMME and proceedings

BNS Fourth Annual Congress, 25 April 2014, Genes and nutrition, is personalised nutrition the next realistic step? - first announcement and call for abstracts DOWNLOAD FINAL PROGRAMME


  • Nutrition et Epigénétique. Society Francaise de Nutrition on March 26, 2014 (registration deadine March 15 !) Paris More info and programme or www.sf-nutrition.org. 

  • BASO "Free Communications Meeting". 15/02/2014. Abstracts for the Free Communications Meeting can be sent by e-mail to the BASO secretariat (Inge.Gies@uzbrussel.be) before December 30th 2013. Abstracts can only be accepted if at least one of the co-authors is BASO member.  


International events:

  • NuGo international week for Young researchers: genomics, transcriptomics, metabolomics, proteomics and systems biology
  • XII International Congress on Obesity, 17-20 March 2014 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia more information or www.iaso.org
  • ESPEN Congress on Clinical Nutrition & Metabolism, Geneva, Switserland 6-9 September 2014 www.espen.org. Opening of abstract submission 10.01.2004 (closing 04.04.2014) More information
  • Second congress Hidden Hunger will be organised in 2015. For updates of the first congress "Hidden Hunger from assessment to solutions" please consult the website. A platform for world-wdie exchange of knowledge will be announced and will facilitate communication between stakeholders in nutrition worldwide. More information here


Hot Topic Seminar "Milk and dairy products: dietary patterns or harmful products", Thursday 5 December 2013. An introductory talk was given by Prof. Ian Givens (University of Reading, UK). The debate was moderated by Prof. Y. Larondelle (UCL)

2013 JOINT CONFERENCE SUSTAINABLE DIET AND FOOD SECURITY, Organised by BNS, French Nutrition Society and the Nutrition society Lille May 28-29www.sustainable-diet2013.fr  PRELIMINARY PROGRAMME HERE

Third Annual BNS Congress - Behaviour and nutrition, new insights for better solutions

Programme outline:

Session 1: The psychology of eating behaviour: a reward-based approach - Keynote: Prof. A. Jansen (Universiteit Maastricht, Netherlands): “Psychological drivers of eating behaviour ” download

  • associations between psychological stress, eating behaviour and dietary pattern in children (N. Michels, UGent) download
  • automatic processing of facial expressions in excessive and restrictive eating (R. Cserjesi,  VUB)  download
  • How is reward sensitivity related to body weight in children? (S. Verbeken, Ugent) download

Session 2:  Measuring consumer perception and behaviour - Keynote: dr. K Hendricks (Spiral-ULg, Belgium) "Reflections on the notion of the consumer" download

  • The relevance of the AUDIT as instrument to assess drinking profiles (J. Van Damme, Ugent) download

Session 3: Interventions for dietary behaviour - Keynote: Prof. W. Verbeke (UGent, Belgium): “Public acceptance of government interventions for dietary behaviour, results from the Eatwell project”

  • The effect of point-of-purchase nutrition information in university canteens on the meal choice and nutrient intake (C. Hoefkens, Ugent) download
  • Do childhood obesity prevention interventions work in low-and middle income countries (R. Verstraeten, UGent)

Session 4:  Changing physical activity behaviour- Keynote: Prof A. Oenema (Maastricht University, Netherlands): "Changing physical activity behaviour" download

  • Long term-effectiveness and mediators of a need-supportive physical activity coaching among Flemish sedentary employees (S. Martien, KULeuven) download
  • Motivational interventions combined with implementation intentions to promote physical activity among sedentary workers (C. Eeckhout, UCL)

The programme can be found here and the Proceedings here

The third annual BNS Congress took take place at the Royal Library of Belgium (http://www.kbr.be/) Brussels on April 20, 2012. The congress is free for BNS members (35€ for full members and 15€ for student members). Apply for membership here .


Symposium on malnutrition organized by the Belgian Society of Medical Nutritionists. In collaboration with the Belgian Society for Clinical Nutrition and the BNS, Brussels, 8 October 2011

Final programme in DutchFrench or English

BNS Hot Topic Lecture on Botanical Food Supplements, Brussels, 29 September 2011

   More information here

Second BNS Annual Conference: 29 April 2011

Microorganisms in human nutrition: exploring new pathways for health download programme and proceedings

First BNS Annual Conference - "Lipids in Nutrition": 23 April 2010, Brussels

More information

Joined Event: Belgian Lipid Club and Belgian Nutrition Society - "Nutrition and Atherosclerosis": 9 March 2010, Brussels

More information

Nutritional Sciences in Belgium: Approaches for a common health objective: 26 September 2009, Brussels

More information

Launch Belgian Nutrition Society: 18 December 2008, Brussels

More information