The purpose of the Society is:

  • to build an interdisciplinary network of scientists active in the field of human nutrition;
  • to encourage scientific research and education in the field of human nutrition;
  • to dissiminate scientific knowledge in the field of human nutrition in order to enhance public health;
  • to be a point of reference for evidence based information on human nutrition;
  • to advocate for an efficient application and implementation of nutrition research for the benefit of the public health policy.

The Society shall likewise be allowed to undertake any activities which can advance this purpose. In that sense, yet merely in an ancillary manner, the Society can also perform commercial activities, and only when the proceeds of these activities shall be spent on the purpose for which the Society was founded.

The BNS Executive Board consists of following members:

President: Nathalie Delzenne
Vice-Presidents: Stefaan Dehenauw
Secretary: Kristin Verbeke
Treasurer: John Van Camp
Member of the Executive Board: Patrick Kolsteren, Marie-Louise Scippo and Carl Lachat


Membership fees are 35€ for full members and 15€ for student members and are for an entire calendar year.