General considerations

BNS acknowledges the need for a clear set of rules that apply for every organisation (companies, NGO’s, authorities, research institutes...) wishing to support financially the BNS symposium, Hot Topics and other meetings organised by the BNS. These activities organised by the BNS are called “Meetings” in the text below. In principle, sponsoring is only financial, no products are accepted. The sponsorship period is for 1 year, running together with the working year of the BNS.

Following conditions apply for sponsorship of BNS

  1. Sponsors subscribe to the general objectives of the BNS.
  2. Sponsors are not permitted to direct the content of scientific programmes or symposia or direct the choice of speakers at Meetings.
  3. Sponsors are not permitted to engage in commercial activity at Meetings.
  4. Sponsors cannot claim exclusivity of the sponsoring. The BNS allows having different sponsors with similar activities.
  5. Commercial sponsors have to be member of their respective federation or branch association. Other sponsors have to be accepted by the BNS Board.
  6. Sponsors are acknowledged in an agreed format in the programme, on the website and at the Meeting (see below)
  7. Sponsors have the option to use their organization/company name or use a brand/product name for sponsoring. In case an organization/company choose to sponsor by brand name, the minimum cost for sponsoring is per brand name. The BNS board reserves the right to restrict the sponsoring to certain brands/products.
  8. Sponsors shall not refer to or use the BNS name in activities without prior written permission.
  9. The BNS reserves the right to refuse donations, sponsorship or commercial activity proposals. Refusals will be motivated by the Board.

What sponsors get in return

Taking into consideration what can be offered by BNS in return for sponsoring, and the Meetings organised by the BNS, it was proposed to make a distinction between sponsors for a specific activity and permanent sponsors. Within the category of sponsors for a specific activity, it is proposed to make a further distinction between ‘principal sponsor’ and ‘sponsor’. These categories are explicitly mentioned with the logos of the sponsors.

Maecenas sponsor (€ 3.000) 

  • Principal sponsor of the BNS symposium (benefits see below)
  • Sponsor of the Hot Topic Lectures (Logo mentioned on the electronic invitation for the hot topic Lecture)
  • Logo mentioned on the general BNS website under a specific section

Premium sponsor (€ 2.000)

  • Logo mentioned on the symposium webpage
  • Logo mentioned on the proceedings (paper version distributed to the participants)
  • Sponsor of the lunch (mention ‘ the lunch is offered by .....’ + printed in proceedings)
  • Sponsor of the award (mention ‘the BNS award is made possible with the support of ...’ +printed in proceedings)

Remark: The sponsor for the lunch is not allowed to use the lunch for product placement. The logo of the sponsoring company can be mentioned on napkins, banners, posters...

Sponsor of the BNS symposium (€ 1.000)

  • Logo mentioned on the symposium webpage
  • Logo mentioned on the proceedings (paper version distributed to the participants)

The size of the logo is 50% smaller than the logo of the principal sponsor(s). The logos are projected on the screen during the pauses. 

Premium sponsor
Cost € 3.000 € 2.000 € 1.000
Support Working of the BNS Specific activity Specific activity
Logo on the BNS webpage X    
Logo on the symposium page X X X
Logo on proceedings X X X
Sponsor lunch X X  
Sponsor award  X X  
Sponsor hot topic X