2024 symposium

Sustainable and nourishing diets: how to meet both targets?

May 3, 2024 Brussels 13:00-18:00

13:00 Introduction Prof. Y Larondelle, UCLouvain and president BNS

13:05-14:00 Oral contributions

  • Claire Denos (Sciensano, UGent & ULB) The environmental impacts of current Belgian diets
  • Ide Antoine (UCLouvain) Characterization of Ricinodendron heudelotii kernel oil, a natural source of conjugated linolenic acids and evaluation of its effects on human skin
  • Nora Lorenzo I Sunyer (Sciensano) Towards a healthier and more sustainable food system in Brussels city: current status and main gaps
  • Medalit Martine Gutierrez De La Fuente (UGent) Willingness to incorporate unconventional flesh food sources in diets

14:00-14:05 Introduction of keynote speakers and thematic session, Prof. F Leroy, VUB

14:05-14:45 Flaminia Ortenzi Research Associate, Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN), Geneva, Switzerland: "Achieving micronutrient adequacy within planetary boundaries globally: one of the greatest challenges of our time"

14:45-15:45 Coffee break and poster session

15:45 - 16:30 Thomas Ponsioen, independent environmental consultant, FootPrinting, The Netherlands: “How to compare the environmental impact of apples, oranges and other food… and why we want to do this” 

16:30-17:30 Oral contributions

  • Tonny Kiyimba (Kyanbogo University, Uganda & KULeuven) Effect of Tamarindus indica L on cardiometabolic health of patients living with HIV and elevated triglyceride: a dose-response double-blind, randomized exploratory trial
  • Sara Dastoum (Sciensano) Commitments and practices of the food industry in Belgium using the Business Impact Assessment for Obesity and Population Nutrition (BIA-Obesity) and the BIA-Sustainability
  • Mano Autuori (UCLouvain) Identification of novel compounds released in exhaled air as representative of gut microbiota activity in humans

17:30 Award for best oral and poster presentation. Prof JC Preiser, ULB

18:00 Closure session 

The annual symposium of the Belgian Nutrition Society covers a wide range of settings and domains relevant for human nutrition.